artist J. Kotkowski

Artist Profile

J. Kotkowski is an alumnus of St. Martins School of Art, London.

Having produced an extensive body of work (as displayed in galleries 1 to 8) he moved to a larger flat where he had more space for his studio.

Slowly his interest in working from the imagination gave way to working directly from nature. A new series of work soon emerged, and can be viewed here in galleries 9 to 17.

Despite his continued interest in depicting the human form, the artist is increasingly drawn to natural landscapes.

He often works in oils without any preliminary drawing, but sometimes produces charcoal sketches or watercolour studies that he can refer back to in the studio.


J. Kotkowski continues to teach painting and drawing, and has encouraged many aspiring artists by giving talks in the National Gallery and the Tate Britain, organising landscape painting trips, and setting up artist groups.

One such group is the Danson Art Group which grew out of the adult education class in Bexleyheath, southeast London that the artist taught for over six years.


"If" by Dulmini 2005-06 (continues...)

J Kotkowski is featured in the music video "If" for which he also did some of the camerawork.

The song and video "If" was composed, performed and directed by Dulmini, who designed this website.


Further Updates

The artist is in the process of preparing for his next solo exhibition (date and venue to be announced in due course on this site).

In the meantime, you can view his
recent work in galleries 9 to 17
and his early work in galleries 1 to 8.

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